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Frequently Asked Questions

I just started using Mule but have problems already. How can you help?

Sure, you can use your purchased units to ask any question, but if you are going to start working with Mule for the first time we recommend you start with official training first, and then ask us to help out once you are more familiar with the technology. This will actually save you money and be more efficient in the longer term as you won’t waste credits asking something you can easily sort yourself with a little training.

I have been using Mule for a long time but am unfamiliar with a particular scenario.

At Ricston we have been specialising in Mule since 2006, approximately 10 years now. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise of all Mule-related technologies (even some obscure ones!) to help you achieve your goals.

I am unsure whether I need your help or not

If you are unsure whether we can help or not, the best way to find out is by asking one of our friendly experts. sales.tap@ricston.com

How can I go about extending the validity of the Technical Assistance Programme?

Extending the validity of your assistance package is possible by buying more units. You can buy another package and extend your existing units with a new plan.

I need urgent help. Can you guarantee this?

We do our best to help as quickly as possible (usually within 4-8hrs, max 48hrs) but the Technical Assistance Programme is not intended as a substitute for a Service Level Agreement and does not offer guaranteed minimum response times.

How do I raise a ticket?

You raise a ticket by completing the online form. After this a manager will assign an agent who will communicate with you directly to help resolve your ticket.

I would like to use only QuickAssist assistance

It is possible to use Quick Assist assistance only. This kind of assistance needs to be booked for a minimum of 15 minutes and cannot exceed half an hour. The cost is at the standard rate. Each request costs a minimum of 1 unit.

I would like to use only Developer assistance

It is possible to use developer assistance only, this kind of assistance needs to be booked for a minimum of half an hour and consumes units at the standard rate. Each request costs a minimum of 2 units.

I am not sure if I need QuickAssist, Developer or Architect assistance

It does not matter if you are not sure which type of help you need. As soon as you buy any of our package plans you can start asking questions as required and we will handle the rest. Each request is then charged accordingly.

How do I pay?

Payments are made using PayPal via our website after selecting the assistance package you prefer. PayPal allows a number of convenient payment methods. You can pay by logging into your paypal account (if you have one), you can choose to create an account or you can enter your credit card details manually through the PayPal payment portal.

How do I monitor time tracking?

After every ticket is closed, you will receive an email notifying how much of the assistance has been consumed and provide you with the balance of units you have left available.

How should I label requests?

When submitting a ticket you should label it as QuickAssist, Developer or Architect as appropriate. We review each ticket submitted and approve if labelled correctly or assign a different label (if we deem the label is assigned incorrectly) and amend costs accordingly.

How long do I need to wait till a request is handled?

Your request will be acknowledged immediately and served on a best effort basis. Our technical team will contact you as soon as possible and if all our agents are busy for the next 48hrs we will advise you of the expected waiting time. If your requests are very urgent please add URGENT in caps to your title and If for any reason we do not respond within a reasonable time please feel free to email Project Management on complaints.tap@ricston.com

What if my request takes longer than the time I have purchased?

We are used to working to strict deadlines but our team’s superpowers also have a limit. If the assistance effort takes longer than the available units of the purchased package we recommend purchasing an incremental package closest to the remaining estimated effort required.

What should I do to ensure that my request is handled without delays?

In order to assist you effectively and target our resources in the best way possible, it is essential that you provide us with accurate and complete information. This means that you need to give as many details as possible and a clear explanation of your problem (please include error logs where applicable). If your requests are very urgent please add URGENT in caps to your title.

Why should I purchase a package in advance?

Purchasing support in advance allows Ricston to offer you advantageous rates and will help you utilise our support exactly when needed and avoid time-consuming and otherwise lengthy procurement procedures.

Who can utilise this assistance?

Ricston is launching this programme to be able to assist a wider target audience. Our intention is to offer our services to a wider target audience initially and then to our existing client base, so whether you are an individual contractor looking for the backing of a solid team, a startup (who needs help starting up!) or an established company; why not get going with Ricston’s TAP (Technical Assistance Programme).

How should I use this assistance?

This program is intended to facilitate Ricston’s delivery of services to new clients. It is not intended to replace an SLA and does not handle requests that are an independent project by nature.

What languages are supported?

We speak Java, Mule, JSON…. and also English
Should you require assistance in a particular language please let us know beforehand and we will do our best to accommodate.

What timezones do you support?

Since we are based in the sunny part of Europe our assistance is offered within CET working hours (normally 9AM – 5PM).

I have a complaint

We love to keep a positive relationship so if you disagree with anything related to the way we offer assistance kindly submit a written request to complaints.tap@ricston.com.

I have a recommendation or an idea I would like to share.

We are more than happy to hear from you with great ideas that can help us improve. The first release is a Minimum viable product also known as a Beta release – which means that we are looking for ways to improve and offer a better product and service in the future. We thank you in advance for your active participation. Please send an email to management.tap@ricston.com

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