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Making better use of your Big Data (part 1)

Big Data might seem like a new buzz word, something that has only recently come about. In reality the act of gathering and storing large amounts of information for eventual analysis is an old practice that has been digitised in recent years.

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SOA to Microservices – Where integration fits in

Integration pitfalls in SOA A few years ago, SOA was very popular in the industry – it allowed developers to build APIs around core business logic so that it could be swapped in and out with relative ease. Most components developed in the traditional SOA...
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This is a techy Mule blog, where we share our knowledge on Mule ESB and other Open Source, as well as Mulesoft Anypoint Platform. We cover main Mule ESB issues and “how to’s” and write about other technologies, such as Java, Android, RAML, REST, APIs, Maven, Brooklyn and many more.

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Recent articles

Schema Validation Filter Gotchas

Earlier this month, I was delivering a proof of concept around Mule that required the use of the schema validation filter. The use case was pretty simple. XML messages comes in through a SOAP request, and some fields in the incoming message had to be validated against... read more

How not to Perform JMS Redelivery

Whilst working on a POC we noticed some very strange behaviour when working with JMS re-deliveries. We were sending a JMS message through a JMS inbound endpoint and purposely throwing an exception using the Test component. Everything worked fine the first time –... read more

Mule on Waratek Cloud VM

I’m sure that whoever follows our blog, is fairly familiar with Mule, but what is Waratek? Let’s cut to the chase here, and announce that for me, Waratek offers one of the coolest products I have ever seen. Waratek brought to the JVM, what VMWare brought... read more

Data Loading Neo4j Graphs From SQL Sources

Neo4j’s powerful graph database can be used for analytics, recommendation engines, social graphs and many more applications. In the following example we demonstrate in a few steps how you can load Neo4j from your legacy relations sql source. You can download... read more

Mule Netty Publish/Subscribe

Recently, I was onsite with a client who had one particular use case utilising the TCP protocol. Their own customers register by opening a TCP connection to their server. Once the connection is open, their customers will receive a stream of updates from the server.... read more

Rapid web site prototyping with Foundation 5

To increase productivity in a web project team it is good to start off from a web framework. I’ve been using Foundation since version 2 and this latest version 5 is simply awesome. It provides ways to make your sites immediately more flexible and responsive... read more

Ricston news

Mule 2 Book!

Peter and I are pleased to announce the availability of the Mule 2 book that we’ve been working on for the past few months.  Entitled “Mule 2: A Developer’s Guide to the ESB and Integration Platform“, it’s instantly available from Apress...

Updates to the blog (and other housekeeping tasks)

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working at including more features on the blog and wanted to take the time today to talk about them. Normal programming will resume on Thursday. RSS feeds are now available via a FeedBurner feed. This has been around for a bit while...

Proxying Web Services – Mule 2

Mule 2.0.2 has just been announced and one of the improvements is a greater support for proxying web services using CXF. This is rather handy as, previously, you could only proxy web services provided you didn’t want to do anything more complicated than, well,...

Mule 2.0

Those of you who attended MuleCon last week know about this, but for the benefit of all others, Mule 2 was announced last week by MuleSource in San Francisco. I’ve been working with the release candidates for awhile now and the biggest improvement for a Mule...

TSS-JS Vegas

For those of you who missed Ross Mason’s session on integration at TSS in Vegas, he’s kindly posted a link to his presentation here on his blog. Those of you who couldn’t attend the TSS Java Symposium in Vegas can check out his blog for a full...