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Making better use of your Big Data (part 1)

Big Data might seem like a new buzz word, something that has only recently come about. In reality the act of gathering and storing large amounts of information for eventual analysis is an old practice that has been digitised in recent years.

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SOA to Microservices – Where integration fits in

Integration pitfalls in SOA A few years ago, SOA was very popular in the industry – it allowed developers to build APIs around core business logic so that it could be swapped in and out with relative ease. Most components developed in the traditional SOA...
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This is a techy Mule blog, where we share our knowledge on Mule ESB and other Open Source, as well as Mulesoft Anypoint Platform. We cover main Mule ESB issues and “how to’s” and write about other technologies, such as Java, Android, RAML, REST, APIs, Maven, Brooklyn and many more.

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Recent articles

Retrieving JMX information programmatically

Retrieving JMX information for a Java process is very easy when using a tool such as JConsole or JVisualVM. These provide an interface that allows viewing of information such as CPU usage, memory usage, threads active and more. This blog post gives an example of how... read more

Threads and private flows in Mule

One of the things that I believe is slightly complicated in Mule is the behaviour of private flows. Wait… is there a difference between private flows and sub-flows? Well there is, and if you are not aware of it, it might bite you very badly. Let’s start... read more

JBoss Drools in Mule

JBoss Drools is a rules engine. It executes statements that might modify the state of the objects, depending on which rules satisfy the input. Within Mule, input is fed to the rules engine from within a flow, and the rules execute to modify the state of that input.... read more

Mule DataMapper Groovy Sample Helper

As Mule consultants, one issue we seem to repeatedly face is the excessive amount of time spent building the input/output structure of the DataMapper. The DataMapper in Mule 3.4 helps you solve this issue if you have XML, by importing the input using an XSD. The same... read more

Bunya is an Enterprise Mobility Management system

Bunya is a secure enterprise device management system, designed to be highly configurable and allow users to adapt it to a broad variety of organisational needs. The generic structure of the system means that it can be deployed by a very diverse range of institutions... read more

The Facebook Connector using Custom Object Stores

In a previous post, I provided a demo on how to use the Facebook Connector. Here, I describe briefly how you can use your own custom object store to save the access token rather than relying on the Connector’s default object store. To enable your custom object... read more

A Simple Facebook Connector Tutorial

This blog post explains how to use the Mule Facebook Connector version 2.3. A good tutorial on the Facebook Connector has already been posted but deals with a much earlier version. This post presents a demo using the current version. Versions and Assumptions To... read more

RAML + Mule Module Requester Usecase

In this blog post we discuss a simple example created to demonstrate the use of RAML and mule-module-requester. RAML is a tool that allows for describing RESTful APIs. Using RAML, we may define a REST API and generate Mule flows that will route requests to the backend... read more

Ricston news

New Ricston Partner in Dubai & the Gulf

As the Gulf region becomes a key hub for finance, retail as well as Oil & Gas, we are pleased to announce that we have Damian Dimmich on board to represent Ricston. Dr Damian Dimmich speaks Polish, German and English fluently and is a graduate of the University of...

Ricston attends the the MuleSoft Summit in Singapore

On Tuesday 18th March Ricston attended the MuleSoft Summit in Singapore. Present at the event where the MuleSoft technical team together with Mule users. The summit was addressed by the founder and VP Product Strategy of MuleSoft Mr. Ross Mason, and various other...

Ricston is on GitHub!!

At Ricston, we are constantly seeking ways to encourage contribution from the open source community. To this end, we have decided to move our open source projects over to GitHub. Some projects have already been migrated, including the RabbitMQ and Salesforce Mule...

Blog Train back on Track

After a long silence and a couple of requests from clients and followers, we decided to give a new breath to the Blog. We have had a very exciting couple of months… we were very busy and have a couple of new toys to play with. We have partnered up with...

Your Mule Blog Needs You!

Fourteen months and 120 posts ago, I started writing this blog. The first post wasn’t even Mule related but it was my first attempt at voicing my opinion about the weird and wonderful world around us. The focus of the blog has been Mule but I couldn’t...