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Mule 2 Developer Guide to ESB and Integration Platform

Mule 2: A Developer’s Guide (November 24, 2008) introduces the Mule 2.0 integration platform for developers of enterprise integration applications who wish to leverage Mule as a lightweight messaging framework that contains a distributable object broker for managing communication between applications.

Written by Antoine Borg a Mule consultant and contributor to the Mule project under mentorship of Peter Delia, chief executive officer of Ricston, and Ross Mason, founder of MuleSoft Inc.

This book represents one of the first Mule Guides and covers 6 main topics:


  • Chapter 1: Fundamental Mule
  • Chapter 2: Routers and Routing
  • Chapter 3: Modelling applications
  • Chapter 4: Creating a Mule Application
  • Chapter 5: Mule Transports
  • Chapter 6: Web services in Mule

You can purchase book in pdf or acquire a printed copy via Amazon.

Kindly note that the latest official release is Mule 3.8.3. If you are looking for the most recent information about Mule, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, migration from one Mule version to another, or have any other queries – don’t hesitate to contact us.


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