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Behind the scenes, I’ve been working at including more features on the blog and wanted to take the time today to talk about them. Normal programming will resume on Thursday.

  1. RSS feeds are now available via a FeedBurner feed. This has been around for a bit while I experimented with it. I will disable the old plain RSS feed soon, so subscribe using the new RSS URI (http://feeds.feedburner.com/RicstonBlog) to avoid missing any blog posts.
  2. You can now read blog posts on an iPhone. I’ve installed the necessary plugins to re-format the post for an iPhone.  If you use some other device to read the blog, please add a comment to this post and let me know. I’ll see what I can do.
  3. I’ve added a backend Search Engine Optimiser (SEO) plugin that is beefing my ratings in search engines.  While this may not be of immediate value to you, having more people coming here, (hopefully) commenting and contributing to the discussion is beneficial to everyone.

I can see that I have several hundred subscribers and using the FeedBurner utilities, I intend to verify these numbers and move the blog forward depending on your feedback and requests.  Do let me know if there are other items you wish me to include here and, very importantly, items you want me to blog about.  In the near future, I also intend to have a few guest bloggers and, time permitting, have a few podcasts for you too.

Thanks for reading!

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