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Mañana crossed the finishing line in Malta’s Marsamxett harbour just off the Royal Malta Yacht Club premises at 13:08 Friday 25th October after just over 6 days at sea. Mañana got off to a great start on Saturday and Sunday afternoon has secured a lead position in the fleet. Peter Delia, Ricston’s CEO said “North of Sicily we decided to sail high to avoid light air only to sail straight into an even larger area of light to no wind which set us back and left us and circa 14 other yachts in a position we couldn’t recover from. We made good progress after that and might have performed better in final standings except that on Thursday evening the wind let us down again, proving fickle and fading completely at times so adding another 18 hours to our elapsed time. However we’re proud to have completed this tough and prestigious race without serious incident and enjoyed the challenge immensely.