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Mule 2.0.2 has just been announced and one of the improvements is a greater support for proxying web services using CXF. This is rather handy as, previously, you could only proxy web services provided you didn’t want to do anything more complicated than, well, proxying.

Now, you can proxy a web service and still use the SOAP payload to do things like choose the appropriate outbound-endpoint to use – using filters. (The Mule development team put a simple example on their wiki to explain this further). Previously, you would have just used HTTP inbound and outbound endpoints which meant that the payload would have been an HTTP payload rather than a SOAP one.

More information about Mule 2.0.2 is available on the Mule developer wiki. Have you tried 2.0.2 yet? If not, why not … I’m interested in hearing your views.