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The MuleIDE has gone through a number of iterations over the past two years and is currently available as an Eclipse plug-in after a little bit of work has gone into it.  The original intent was to create a drag-and-drop interface that can let a Mule developer draw his integration project using symbols and have the Mule configuration be built, automatically, underneath it.

The first attempt at getting this done was the IDE that was released around the time of Mule 1.4.4 in 2007.  It was still a beta attempt and was a little rough around the edges.  Depending on which version of Eclipse you used, it proved to be more hassle than it was worth but was great at two things:

– Automatically including all the requisite Mule JARs into your Eclipse project (incl dependencies)

– Converting an existing Java project in Eclipse to a Mule project.

Dirk Olmes posted a message on the MuleSource blog about the IDE.  As you can see from his post, the MuleSource team are focusing on the main code base but had time to clean up the IDE and in fact it does the two things that I listed above. You can take a look at the MuleIDE yourself and see how it measures up.