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A couple of weeks ago, we contributed to the Mule Community a new transport, the Bonita Transport. For Mule users, the Bonita Open Solution is an open source BPM solution, which includes not only the BPM engine but also an Editor and a Web Portal. This means that it is very easy to create and deploy processes and have a web application which allows “Humans” to interact with these processes.

Thus from Mule’s point of view, the bonita transport is an alternative to the jbpm transport. Will not go into a jbpm vs bonita debate except that with bonita you get the user web application for free, and now with the latest bonita you also have process simulation and many more goodies!

At this point, we are making use of Bonita 5.2, which did not have Rest support, so you will have the bonita engine running embedded in Mule (similar to how jbpm “runs” embedded in mule). However the new Bonita 5.3 exposes itself over rest, thus making it possible to interact easily with a remote bonita open solution, thus making a clear separation between ESB and BPM, especially if you are making heavy use of Human processes which are not entirely dependent on Mule.

From Bonita’s point of view, we have created the Mule Connector. For Mule Developers, the Bonita Open Solution has a similar concept to “our” transports. So if you want to have bonita interact with a new technology/protocol/API, for example Twitter, you will create the “Twitter Connector”. So with this Mule Connector you will be able to interact with ANY transport that is supported by Mule. With the Bonita Transport and Mule Connector, you can choose to either have Mule embedded in Bonita or vice versa giving you all the flexibility you may need.

We are currently trying to find some time to upgrade to Mule 3 and Bonita 5.3. Technically, on the source trunk you can already get the bonita transport for Mule3, however it still needs some polishing before we do the release, but for the adventurous devs out there… it is available.

The bonita transport page can be found at : http://www.mulesoft.org/documentation/display/BOS/Home

One can download the bonita connector at : http://www.bonitasoft.org/exchange/extension_view.php?eid=117

Download an example process at: http://www.bonitasoft.org/exchange/extension_view.php?eid=118

And find the documentation here: http://www.ricston.com/portal/web/guest/bonita-mule-connector

If you want to see the Bonita<->Mule pairing in action, and also get a glimpse of the possibilities, you can take a look at the example found in the bonita-mule-connector documentation.