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Fourteen months and 120 posts ago, I started writing this blog. The first post wasn’t even Mule related but it was my first attempt at voicing my opinion about the weird and wonderful world around us.

The focus of the blog has been Mule but I couldn’t ignore aspects of the SOA space and the integration world. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve lectured across the US and Europe and have a number of stories related to how people perceive Mule and how they use it too. The conferences were eye-opening in that they always make me realise what a small part of the entire industry I occupy.

So, just over a year later, I am pleased to announce the two main changes that have crept into the blog in recent weeks:
1 – The code formatting is (finally!) working as advertised. Who would have thought that something as simple as formatting code on a blog would be so difficult?
2 – The image on the top of the blog has shrunk to increase the amount of real-estate space. I’d like to decrease that further still but that’s not my call unfortunately.

What will the next 14 months bring? I would like to start recording some short video tutorials that you can refer to. I’ve also thought to invite some guest bloggers and you’ll some other names up in lights in the near future.

What I really am interested in is hearing your views on what you like and don’t like on this blog to help us improve your favourite Mule resource in leaps and bounds. (Okay, okay, secondfavourite Mule resource – the MuleSource Wiki should come first, right?)