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Peter and I are pleased to announce the availability of the Mule 2 book that we’ve been working on for the past few months.  Entitled “Mule 2: A Developer’s Guide to the ESB and Integration Platform“, it’s instantly available from Apress as an e-Book and will be available shortly in paperback format.  The book covers:

  1. What Mule is and what the fundamental elements in Mule are
  2. The commonly used routing patterns in Mule
  3. How to model applications using Mule
  4. How to test Mule applications
  5. How to configure transports in Mule
  6. How to use web services in Mule
  7. How to extend Mule by creating new routers, filters and transformers
  8. How to make Mule applications resilient using transactions and exception handling.

The book is designed to be used by an absolute beginner to Mule – you can start reading the book without having had much Mule experience and should be able to get up to speed pretty quickly.  The more knowledgable Mule developer will find the later chapters about extending Mule and making Mule applications more resilient useful in beefing up their Mule applications.

The e-book is available for US$ 13.99 or you can get the paperback version, once it’s out for US$ 19.99 direct from the Apress site.

Happy reading!