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Teaching the Mule for System Administrators course last week meant that I spoke about JMX too, as usual. JMX on its own is not particularly interesting, but coupled with the Mule MX4j agent, you can quickly see some results in a browser.

As always, security is an issue with these sort of things. Explaining that you can lock down the console like this:

is not too helpful as it never takes long for some bright spark to realise that the credentials are stored in plain-text in the configuration file. I follow up on this by pointing out that SSL can be used:


While this may be sufficient, this week I got a different question: Can we authenticate via LDAP?

I know that the attributes/properties do not exist for LDAP here in the agent but this is surely an obvious question so I decided to look into it. The MuleSource wiki confirmed that there is no simple way of doing so but a quick Google found more links. It looks like a bit of coding may be needed but it does seem do-able.