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One of the advantages of Mule is that it is open source. As we all know, this means that we can poke around and tweak the source code to our needs. While this is certainly useful, it is far better to make sure that the main code base is changed.

This is true for a variety of reasons but primarily because some kind of improvement that is in the main code base will be there for ever. Any local change I make is something I may need to re-apply once there is a new version of Mule.

MuleSoft have their JIRA site in place for this sort of thing and everyone is encouraged to request changes; better still, everyone is invited to submit useful patches that can be rolled into the code base!

Consequently, it is always nice to hear that some suggestion or other is taken into account and made available in Mule. I recently was notified that a small bug I reported was fixed and is going to be available in the upcoming Mule 3.

Thanks guys; keep up the good work!