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BOS 5.4 has a little documented new feature called the Event Subprocess Pool. What is it? An Event Subprocess Pool is a process that inherits the context of another process. Or in simpler terms, an Event Subprocess Pool is a process that has access to another process’s global data.

We will call the process from which the context is inherited the parent process. The Event Subprocess Pool is useful in error situations where you want to have access to the state of a process causing the error but you don’t want to put the error handling logic in the process.

How do you link a parent process with an Event Subprocess Pool? By following these steps:

  1. Attach a SubProcessEvent to the process that you want to inherit the context from
  2. Configure in the SubProcessEvent the Event Subprocess Pool that you want to inherit the context
  3. Configure an ‘end event’ in the parent process to trigger your Event Subprocess Pool

Below is an example of how a process looks once you have successfully completed all the steps.

Event Subprocess Pool example

It is important to note that an Event Subprocess Pool should ONLY be triggered by end events (e.g., End Error Event). Why? Because when an Event Subprocess Pool is triggered, it aborts the execution of any running tasks in the parent process.