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SOA to Microservices – Where integration fits in

Integration pitfalls in SOA A few years ago, SOA was very popular in the industry – it allowed developers to build APIs around core business logic so that it could be swapped in and out with relative ease. Most components developed in the traditional SOA...
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Making better use of your Big Data (part 1)

Big Data might seem like a new buzz word, something that has only recently come about. In reality the act of gathering and storing large amounts of information for eventual analysis is an old practice that has been digitised in recent years.

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This is a techy Mule blog, where we share our knowledge on Mule ESB and other Open Source, as well as Mulesoft Anypoint Platform. We cover main Mule ESB issues and “how to’s” and write about other technologies, such as Java, Android, RAML, REST, APIs, Maven, Brooklyn and many more.

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Recent articles

Taking the Express route out

Purpose Example of how to separate route code in Express.js using npm link. Setting up We can use the express generator to get up and running quickly with Express. Install it with npm install express-generator -g if you don’t already have it: View the code on Gist. It... read more

Using Viper for some Go basics

Purpose This post will walk you through the basic usage of Viper. It is intended for people who are new to the Go programming language (I am just starting out myself). This is because the purpose isn’t Viper per se, but the process of doing some of the basics in Go.... read more

To Jar hell and back

In this blog post we use JHades to troubleshoot problems in our classpath. JHades is a powerful tool that gives us useful information when trying to resolve a certain set of problems in Java development. The demo behind this blog post builds on the following: RAML... read more

Mule ClassNotFoundException When Running Tests

The Issue Running tests with Mule sometimes throws a ClassNotFoundException when it tries to lookup org.apache.commons.cli.ParseException. The following is the whole stack trace. If you’re encountering this, then this blog post is for you! View the code on Gist.... read more

Ricston news

The Start of my Professional Career with Ricston

The software development – as invigorating as it is – is only a part of what it means to work at Ricston Ltd. The opportunities I have had to meet new people and establish new friendships, helped me develop myself, both as an employee and as a person. I have constant review from my supervisors, providing me with great constructive criticism and appraisal to further improve myself.

Ricston Team supports Lifecycle Challenge 2015

Back in early June we were impressed to learn that this year Lifecycle challenge in Malta has gathered more than € 75 000! LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation is helping the Renal Unit at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta and its mission is to raise awareness about renal diseases....

Ricston Photoshoot

Wondering what we look like? Recently the Ricston team decided to have a photoshoot at the office to give people a face to go with the name of one of the member’s of Ricston’s team. Head over to our Ricston team page and get a closer look at who you’re working with....

UPDATE: Ricston CEO crosses the RMSR finishing line!

Mañana crossed the finishing line in Malta’s Marsamxett harbour just off the Royal Malta Yacht Club premises at 13:08 Friday 25th October after just over 6 days at sea. Mañana got off to a great start on Saturday and Sunday afternoon has secured a lead position...